Event Services

Christian Faversham Catering was the original core of the business of the Christian Faversham Group. Catering was the reputation and relationships which grew with the catering arm of our company allowing us to expand and diversify to allow the range of hire services we are proud to offer today.

Our philosophy has always emphasised great service, sensible pricing and exceptional customer-service to ensure a worry-free experience for all our clients.

Our staff are all seasoned professionals with a strong background in hotel, restaurant kitchens, and outside events. Even during the early years of our business we made it our policy never to cut corners and to invest aggressively in the best equipment available for our event services.

Today we provide more services for weddings, parties and corporate events throughout England, Wales, Scotland and beyond. We have had the pleasure of serving numerous high-profile and celebrity guests and have worked in some of the most prestigious and unusual event venues in the nation.