Today LED Technology Reduces the Need

LED technology is now in our everyday life. House hold bulbs, street lights, warehouse and outside floodlighting. Everywhere we go now LED technology is frequently available.

We received a call for Tesco to supply and install health and safety lighting for a temporary lorry park just prior to Christmas. We calculated sufficient lights to do the job and then sized the generator. Interestingly the generator calculated to be a Honda 10i. Interestingly this little generator was able to power up to 80 of the LED flood lights in the picture, although for the purposes of testing we just connected 17 LED floodlights. The job was to run for six weeks which meant a diesel generator was needed with fuel feeding from one of our 500 litres Road Tow Fuel bowsers. We chained the generator to the bowser, fitted a tracker inside the generator and set up geofence. If the bowser or generator moved more than one metre my mobile phone would call me to alert a "tow away" situation.