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Christmas Lunch for 1,000 guests

Our client is well known in caterer circles operating in the South of England. Their client is a British Airline operating a fleet of Airbus 340 airplanes both passenger and cargo. We were asked to hire an event kitchen the include the following :-

3 x 20 Rack HGV20 LPG Ovens – 7Kg Turkey Butterflies cook Time 90 minutes

5 x Williams MHC16 Hot Hold – 100 x 100/65mm GN Pans Holding Vegetables & Turkey

1 x Hobart Pressure Steamer – 100 Portions Cooked Carrots in 90 seconds

12 x Victor Servery with Sneeze Screen – 36 BM Wells holding 100mm GN Pans

1,000 Lubiana Dinner Plates – Warmed in 10 x Hupfer Lowerators

18/10 Polished Cutlery – 6,000 Items Cutlery

Various other items too numerous to mention.

What is a Lowerator

A lowerator is a heated cabinet with a plinth fitted inside which is attached to a series of springs, The amount and size of the springs balances the weight of the china plates being warmed. Warmed plates are taken from the top of the stack, The stack rises giving you convenient plate access on demand. A heating element is situated under the stack of plates which heats the plates.

More expensive Hupfer lowerators we hire have a thermostat which ensures your plates are warmed to an optimum temperature. With cheaper lowerators you have to manage the temperature the plates achieve. The very bottom plates nearest the heating element reach higher temperatures, so always fill with extra plates as the very bottom plates can be very hot..

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

We were back setting up the kitchen in the Ice Café and the Bratwurst Hut today at Winchester Cathedral this week. This installation comes with access and parking challenges. Thanks to Stuart’s Towing Services for providing a trailer to unload and porter equipment through the ancient Archway and thanks again to Chris Hughes from Event Kitchens for setting out LPG gas manifolds and issuing a Gas Safe certificates. Don’t forget the 2018 Christmas Market opens from 17th November to 20th December. Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market opening times every day from 10am - 6pm and from Sunday - Wednesday, 10am - 8pm from Thursday to Saturday.

What Size Marquee Tent Heater do I Need

The question what size heater I need to hire for my marquee, barn, warehouse or gazebo can be challenging to understand and calculate.

Note – heated air emitted from these heaters is not adjustable.

Let us look at each structure from the smallest situation to help you understand.

Gazebo Heater Hire – a gazebo is a description used by many to identify a small tent 3m x 3m or of similar ilk. My understanding is that a gazebo is a shelter with open sides used mainly for a rain or sun shelter. Consider infra-red heating clean burn Fire 25 or an electric infra-red heater.

Christmas Banqueting – Hiring and Installing the Right Equipment

Providing banqueting for groups of 150 - 500 guests or more, requires a considerable amount of planning, not only offering a doable menu but how to deliver a larger than normal quantity of food within a short period of time. Various catering equipment manufactures offer high volume cooking equipment which help produce great results. We look at providing a traditional Christmas dinner in a catering marquee. What do we need and what pitfalls are we likely to encounter. Let us look at the equipment and labour required in each option.

BBQ Hire - Stainless Steel Smoker

You can imagine our client’s disappointment when we ordered four Drumbecue BBQs from the Drumbecue website and were informed several days later that the order couldn’t be fulfilled despite paying the whole amount in advance.

Our hire client had arranged an event around the Drumbecue Original Charcoal BBQ Drum Smoker code: BBQHUT-01-N

Nevertheless our client’s event had to proceed. We had already specified hiring Drumbecue BBQs, so we had to set about keeping our client satisfied. Unable to persuade Drumbecue to supply the four BBQs for us to hire within the time frame, we conjured up a contingency plan to save certain disaster.

Patio Heater 4 Hire

With a brief introduction of our business, types of heaters and their energy requirements at the foot of this blog, you may be surprised we cover every heat requirement you might need, nationwide.

Introduction - We are a National Patio Heater provider with several designs of heaters for different environments and heat outputs. We supply domestic and commercial events with a variety of heating solutions. We operate 7 days a week offering a bespoke out of hours delivery and collection if required.

Assuring you of our best attention - National Patio Heater 03333 442062

Why Does my Fridge not Work

There are a few reasons why your fridge or freezer doesn't work this summer. As the ambient temperature increases in your kitchen or event space your fridge or freezer needs to work harder. Every summer event season here at our engineers service all our fridges to help them work under constant use in high temperatures.

Why does my fridge or freeze struggle to get down to temperature.

1. Condenser Blocked with Dust or Kitchen Grease

2. Low Refrigerant Gas from a Leak

3. Compressor Worn - High Back Pressure

4. Returning Gas Freezing caused by No. 3

4. Overheating Protection Switching the Motor off - caused by 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

5. Ambient Temperature too High - 35 degrees

6. Temperature Setting Too Low for Condition and Age of Compressor

Henley Charity Polo

Our client is an International Caterer who was recommended to us by other catering equipment hirers and London event hire companies. The event is a charity polo event for 450 guests with a newly married couple attending to help raise money for their charity but also others. We received a call 6 days prior to event day. Out client needed to hire over 6,000 glasses, plates, cutlery. Hiring reliable commercial ovens and Alto Shaam holding cupboards was also on the list. Despite already having many pre-booked events this was a good opportunity to step up a gear and get organised even though time was against us.

Jumbo Heater and Bowser Hire

Our client is an event organiser of a wedding for 450 guests in a 40,000 sq ft structure, Aircraft Hangar 113, at Bicester Heritage , The roof is circa 15m high increasing the volume cubic capacity which requires careful calculations. We initially quoted for 4no Arcotherm Jumbo 200 indirect heaters running off 4 road tow fuel bowsers. We use road tow bowsers instead of HGVs fitted with hiab cranes to minimise the risk of damage by HGV delivery and collection vehicles. Unloading static Transcubes via hiab isn't comensurate with most private venues.The delivery and collection costs are roughly the same with fewer access issues.