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The Best of British Takeaways - Chinese

The second Twenty Twenty programme in a series of three, The Best of British Takeaways sent us to China Town in the heart of London's West End with carbon wokd and turbo wok burners. We spend six billion pounds on them take away food every year. Chinese food is currently our favourite take away food. We eat an incredible eight million Chinese meals a week. Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge traveled around the UK while Cherry Healey learns how a home washing machine kick-started the Chinese takeaway, and also how Billy Butlin introduced Chinese food to his guests back in the 60's. Three Chinese restaurants compete against each other creating thier take and style of Chinese cooking.

The Best of British Takeaways - Indian

The Best of British Takeaways Series 1: 3. Indian made by Twenty Twenty for BBC Two took us to Bradford for It's a Naan Off. Episode three involved loading our Indian outside event kitchen equipment which is specifically tailored for cooking Indian food on location. Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge and Cherry Healey both judged this Indian food making it one of Britain's favourite takeaway meals. This was the final programme taking us to Bradford. Tom and Cherry judges 3 Indian takeaways on location using our Tandoor ovens. Tom investigated the best Indian curry and Cherry learns how Queen Victoria put curry on the British menu.

Fish & Chips - Gildings Barn

Yesterday Elizabeth and I had the pleasure of catering fish and chips from our beige fish and chip Train Tram for 165 guests at Gildings Barn, Newdigate, Surrey. What a delightful original barn with a selection old farm implements and plenty of history. We were greeted by Proprietor Penny Graepel on arrival who showed us where to plug in for our lights, extraction and interlock safety device. Our Tram specially built for wedding events can cook from fresh with an extra staff member 100 fish and chips in 20 - 30 minutes!

Feeding 5,000 Bangers & Mash

We received a phone call requesting assistance and or, a solution to feed 5,000 guests Bangers, Mash, Peas & Gravy at IMM 2014 over a tightly scheduled serve duration. Having contracted before for high volume catering establishments and Michelin starred chef's (Taste of London) we had a pretty good idea how to cook and hold a main course for 5,000 guests over a 4 hour serve duration.

So how do you heat up and hold 1,000kgs of mashed potato, 15,000 sausages, 200kgs of peas and 180 litres of gravy in just a few hours ? Experience, reliable equipment, and the infrastructure to deliver a solution which we are confident would work.

Event Equipment Marylebone Summer Fayre

MARYLEBONE SUMMER FAYREOver 2,000 event hire items available to hire at the Marylebone Summer Fayre June 15th. Hosted by THE HOWARD DE WALDEN ESTATE for the past 10 years.

Everything you would expect from a well organised traditional village fete. Food, drink, children's activities, craft, farmers market, music with community participation. Every year we support London's restaurants and street traders with BBQ hire, oven hire, generator hire, fryer hire.

London Burger Bash Final

London Burger BashWe spent most of Saturday picking and loading 5 tonnes of kit into 5 vans ready for delivery the following Sunday to the Borough Market for the London Burger Bash Final.

With caterers from as far away as Manchester we had to be setting up at the Borough Market bright and early positioning all the Fast Frame pop up catering tents, fridges, stainless steel prep tables, cookers, griddles, etc.