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A Mains Power Box with a Surprise

This weekend we worked with two separate events who contacted us to hire emergency Event Power due to problems with the 400v static supplies on their sites. Our electrical technicians were called out yesterday to rescue circa 100 food traders requiring power for catering, card machines, hot drinks, lighting and all important refrigeration. For those that may be ofay with 400v three phase the picture of several 400v sockets turned out to be more deceiving than first thought. Steve our electrical engineer reported that two of 63amp sockets had a label say they couldn't be used together. One 63amp was 4 pin, the other was 5 pin. The 32amp and 16amp 400v sockets were also 4 pin. We called Janet at Distribution Zone who told us we were dealing with an obsolete pin system rarely used in 2018 commercially.

Paternoster Square Corporate Event

Our client is a National Fund Raiser and organiser of events throughout the UK. The specification was to erect six professional fast frame black marquees, comfortable seating, heating, cooking equipment, festoon lighting, crowd barriers, fire exit signs, fire extinguisher and three phase wiring. Paternoster Square has a sandstone surface which cannot be driven on, all equipment and tents have to be carted 100m from an unloading point. With the aid of Magliners fitted with non-marking tyres we had 3.5 hours to unload, cart, and erect 3,957kgs of equipment, wait 13 hours, take down 3,957kgs in just two hours.

On Brighton Beach with Heston Blumenthal

Great day on the beach in Brighton with @hestonblumenthal, wolffish cooked in a fish and chip tram hired from @CFGHIRE cross hired from Fish & Chip Catering. Our Harry and Steve helped position the Tram in position and cleaned off the road grime that accumilated on the drive down to Brighton. Thanks to @OptomenTV for laying on fish and chip supper and a glass of ale after an interesting day of filming Heston's Fishy Feast.

Event Generators for Hire

Four new event generators added to our fleet. Each generator will run up to 40 hours depending on the power load. For long tern hire we can supply 500, 1,000 and 2,000 litre fuel bowsers. Harry is filling the new Ultra Silent generators with fuel before they go out on hire. Harry is one of four full time engineers looking after our fleet carrying out preventive maintanance. Our designated event generator website has a complete range of temporary power solutions avaialable 24/7/365.

Christmas Banqueting London

Our client called to ask if we had solution to get 500 meals out to their client's guests in 30 minutes. The venue was a marquee attched to a conference centre with a large catering tent. No water, no substantial electricity, no gas, no event crew.

We delivered and comissioned:-
Convothern 20.10 OEB regen combi ovens
Rational 202G WE regen combi ovens
Convotherm Regen finishing plate trollies
Rational SCC Regen finishing plate trollies
Thermal Covers
100kVA Ultra Silent Generator
Water Bowser, Brita Filters & Pumps
Installation Enginners

Glastonbury Kitchen Equipment

It was great to see all our friends again at Red Gate, Picton, Glastonbury. We chose a Sunday to deliver the first loads of catering equipment in the hope that we could get in efficiently. The mandatory H&S induction is always handy to reinforce the onsite rules at Glastonbury for our drivers, new and old. This year we have hired a WKTS Winterhalter Rack conveyor set up within a 4.5m pre-wash and exit table. Included in the set up is a chemical dosing unit and a Winterhalter twin chamber water softner. Other equipment hired to Glastonbury are gas ovens, water heaters, fryers, Rational ovens, pre tables, generators, etc,

Beer Festival Table and Bench Hire

Weatherproof Bavarian Oktoberfest beer bench hire and beer table hire may be an inexpensive great value solution to seating outside events. These tables are made of Ash wood and coated with a polyurethane coating giving the table a classy look without the usual staining you get from untreated tables. These are NOT the cheap tables offered on EBay which collapse on first use, (we bought one to trial) these are a heavy duty solution and great value. These seats can seat 4 -5 people and the tables can accommodate 8 - 10 people. No need for table cloths, wipe clean surfaces. We hold enough stock to seat 1,000 people at any one event.

Temporary Event Power Hire - 600 guests

The end of May Bank Holiday was exceptionally busy for us supporting a number of the 1,300 events running this weekend. This event we provided rigging temporary event power and generated power to a number of catering stalls that were providing food for 600 or more guests. We picked an Ultra Silent 40kva for this event as it would be running close to Radio Alice suppling their 20kW electric pizza oven which arrived from Italy the night before. The close proxcimity and the 600 guests required the generator to be Ultra Silent, and smokeless.