Winterhalter Dishwasher Hire

Winterhalter Rack Conveyor Hire

An emergency call came in yesterday from a Military base in the UK struggling with their conveyor dishwasher tripping. We have had a few call outs with tripping dishwashers and steam ovens in the past couple of years. Asked if the dishwasher was plumbed into a Winterhalter Kentico water softener or similar, the answer was no. We managed to get a Winterhalter STR 130 Rack Conveyor loaded and on it's way withing 2 hours. On arrival we realised that the 63amp three phase supply was buried in the wall behind the existing WKTS that had ceased working. After a bit of jiggery pokery we managed to get our replacement powered up. Fortunately our STR WInterhalter has a pumped waste which make the installation easier than fitting our usual Fagor FI Rack Conveyor which has a gravity drain. After all said and done we were in and out in 6 hours:- STR Rack Conveyor + Water Softener + Table in + Table Out + Plumber + Electrician.