Extinction Rebellion: London Climate Protest

LPG Water Boiler Hire

We received a call from a customer requiring several LPG water boilers. We confirmed we had stock and sent an urgent courier to deliver the water boilers. I subsequently realised they were destined for the Extinction Rebellion: London Climate Protest. As a leading UK event hire company it is important that we remain impartial when supplying equipment to a variety of organisations and Companies where or not we agree with them. As a result all our London Event Hire deliveries have taken two or three times longer to execute putting us into a loss situation in most hire contracts if you also take into consideration the Ultra Low Emission Zone combined with the London Congestion Charge with additional vehicles that had to be hired in due to delays the London Climate Protest has certainly made an impact with us !! Pictured is LPG commercial Marco water boiler. 30 gallons (136 litres) fitted to a stand on heavy duty wheels. Fully mobile, runs on a 19kg gas bottle. Ideal for larger outside events and festivals.