Walk In Fridge Trailer Hire Covid-19 CoronaVirus Emergency

Week 51 - Our Fridge Engineer Shawn is replacing a Humbaur fridge unit with an uprated FTM16 Rivercold Monoblock.

The new Rivacold unit can chill down 16,000 litres of fridge space to -5C / +5C

Our fridge department www.thefridgeco.co.uk has a fleet of freezer and fridge trailers for hire. Rented chiller trailers are leaving soon to support Covid-19 CoronaVirus hotspot locations around the UK.

With constant door opening and the summer coming up we needed to make sure the fridge unit would cope.

Our thanks to Parker Steel for urgently supplying stainless steel angle needed to enlarge the receiving aperture for the new chiller unit.

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