Urgent Catering Equipment for Ukraine

Our contact is organising 10no mobile kitchens to travel to the Ukrainian border in the coming weeks. We have all be appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the destruction of homes, businesses and factories. It goes without saying that Poland and Ukraine are under immense pressure to help the millions of refugees travelling through their countries.

Our job is to locate good quality catering appliances that can be fitted into mobile canteens to feed several thousand refugee mums and children per day.

Our engineers and warehouse staff are busy selecting and servicing equipment as we speak.

The equipment you can see in the photograph above are :-

1. 5no Convotherm 20.10 Steam Combi Ovens will cook food for 2,000 persons per hour.

Ukraine Invasion Emergency

Friday 4th March 2022 09.00hrs - we recieved a call enquiring if we had any re-usable cutlery and plates that we could donate for our friends in Ukraine. The truck is leaving today at 18.00hrs, do we have anything we can donate ? Elizabeth volenteered to muster up help to strip our shelves of miscellaneous cutlery, some budget 18/0 some 18/10. Elizabeth and Breda bagged up 20,000 pieces of cutlery and mostly new melamine plates. My thanks to Elizabeth and Breda you both did a great job getting the shipment out ready to load on to a Ukraine bound truck.