Free Classified Ads for Catering Equipment Sellers

Free Classified Ads on SHCEOur partner site Second Hand Catering Equipment launched early in 2013 as a place for catering and event professionals to buy and sell used (and new) gear.

We know the people running the site well and looks like it's going to an excellent resource for us to pickup a few bargains as well as listing a couple of items of our own.

Best of all they have announced that sellers can place free classified ads for a limited time.

Homemade Bread Rolls

Blue Seal E32Yesterday I picked up a Blue Seal E32 turbo steam oven off Ebay. Dave was a Kiwi who had just closed down his bakers business. We took the job lot; turbo steam oven, stainless steel table, electronic scales, various size mixing bowls and a whole host of baking tins Dave had imported from Williams-Sonoma in the USA. Elizabeth is in our development kitchen this year and she is keen to make as much as we can from original recipes or home grown produce.

Elizabeth purchased a copy of The Fabulous Baker Brothers last week so it seemed sensible to find her a decent steam oven. The oven was almost like new. When I got back Elizabeth had already made some dough and proved it so she set about cutting the dough, neading it and snipping bits with scissors prior to putting it in the E32 new steam oven. The bread was baked, cooled on racks and we tucked in, simply delicious !