Temporary Event Power Hire - 600 guests

The end of May Bank Holiday was exceptionally busy for us supporting a number of the 1,300 events running this weekend. This event we provided rigging temporary event power and generated power to a number of catering stalls that were providing food for 600 or more guests. We picked an Ultra Silent 40kva for this event as it would be running close to Radio Alice suppling their 20kW electric pizza oven which arrived from Italy the night before. The close proxcimity and the 600 guests required the generator to be Ultra Silent, and smokeless. Regular load banking, servicing, filtering and blending our fuel with Shell V-Power gives us the edge on our competitors. Many of the event staff and guests commented how whisper quiet our 40kva generator was. The weather was kind to everyone, the event was a great success and so was Radio Alice's Pizza !