What Size Marquee Tent Heater do I Need

The question what size heater I need to hire for my marquee, barn, warehouse or gazebo can be challenging to understand and calculate.

Note – heated air emitted from these heaters is not adjustable.

Let us look at each structure from the smallest situation to help you understand.

Gazebo Heater Hire – a gazebo is a description used by many to identify a small tent 3m x 3m or of similar ilk. My understanding is that a gazebo is a shelter with open sides used mainly for a rain or sun shelter. Consider infra-red heating clean burn Fire 25 or an electric infra-red heater.

Tent Heater Hire – a structure with sides and a roof walls fitted. Smaller tents often have a wall or Crew Door absent to access the structure. Heat loss is significant. Consider an internal Gazebo / Tent Heater or external indirect Small Marquee heater.

9m Clearspan Marquee Heater Hire – a commercial marquee structure normally with 3 metre bays made up of PVC sheets that make up the walls and roof panels. Depending on the weather and ground conditions will depend on how much heat you need to put into the structure to :-

Evaporate droplets of condensation off the PVC roof and wall sheets.
Evaporate moisture rising through the ground making coir matting or carpet damp.
To dry out damp table linen and chairs previously set up the day prior.
Consider the entrance to the marquee is likely to be open all or most of the time.
Maintain an even heat in the structure during the coldest outside temperature.

Note – as the temperature drops in the evening, turning the thermostat up does not increase the heat from the heater. The ability to maintain a constant heat will depend on the reserve capacity of the cubic feet/metre volume of heat leaving the heater.

15m and 30m Event Marquee Heater Hire – the surface area for heat loss is colossal which means that the cubic feet/metre volume input must match the heat loss and have extra in reserve to maintain the set temperature when the temperature drops or when doors are left open.

Making a Difference - When you hire a marquee heater it must be of a size that makes a big enough difference in raising the temperature inside the marquee which may be in the region of 15 - 35 degrees in the winter if ambient drops to -15 degrees and 5 – 10 degrees in the summer which effectively requires a heater in sufficient size.

Emergency Heater Hire – takes time to pick, test, load and transport to the venue. We offer a 24/7 emergency heater and patio heater hire service which often means that a warehouse keyholder, and or fork lift driver may be required to dispatch urgent hire equipment.