BBQ Hire - Stainless Steel Smoker


You can imagine our client’s disappointment when we ordered four Drumbecue BBQs from the Drumbecue website and were informed several days later that the order couldn’t be fulfilled despite paying the whole amount in advance.

Our hire client had arranged an event around the Drumbecue Original Charcoal BBQ Drum Smoker code: BBQHUT-01-N

Nevertheless our client’s event had to proceed. We had already specified hiring Drumbecue BBQs, so we had to set about keeping our client satisfied. Unable to persuade Drumbecue to supply the four BBQs for us to hire within the time frame, we conjured up a contingency plan to save certain disaster.

I spoke to our stainless steel in-house TIG and MIG welder Shawn to see if he could build us four stainless steel hire BBQs in time. Shawn said he could, so we set to work looking for a stainless steel supplier that could quickly organise the different components. I called in a favour from a business colleague Quentin Peak. The Hogg Boss is one of Quentin’s creations of which we bought 60 units over a 15 year period. Quentin had just finished one of his Peak Dome projects and was happy to pitch in and organise the stainless steel cut it to different sizes.

Shawn came in on Saturday and Sunday to get started and by close of business on Tuesday Shawn had finished all stainless steel hire barbecues, and didn’t they look stunning !

We loaded then into Luton and delivered them to our client at 09.00hrs the following morning.

The down side of any mild steel BBQ whether painted or powder coated is the paint material burning off exposing the metal to corrosion which is accelerated by the ash deposits.

Since making our own stainless steel hire BBQs there is no more rust to worry about and no more painting after use.