Christmas Lunch for 1,000 guests

Christmas Lunch Event Hire

Our client is well known in caterer circles operating in the South of England. Their client is a British Airline operating a fleet of Airbus 340 airplanes both passenger and cargo. We were asked to hire an event kitchen the include the following :-

3 x 20 Rack HGV20 LPG Ovens – 7Kg Turkey Butterflies cook Time 90 minutes

5 x Williams MHC16 Hot Hold – 100 x 100/65mm GN Pans Holding Vegetables & Turkey

1 x Hobart Pressure Steamer – 100 Portions Cooked Carrots in 90 seconds

12 x Victor Servery with Sneeze Screen – 36 BM Wells holding 100mm GN Pans

1,000 Lubiana Dinner Plates – Warmed in 10 x Hupfer Lowerators

18/10 Polished Cutlery – 6,000 Items Cutlery

Various other items too numerous to mention.