Why does size matter

Ultra Silent Generator Hire

When ordering the correct size generator there are several considerations to factor in.
Cost difference between hiring the correct generator output size
Waste of fuel oversizing the generator
Excessive smoke from oversize generator due to wet stacking
Risk of failure from over loading an undersized generator
Complications arising from not having the correct power outputs.
Many clients decide to DIY ordering a generator for important events such as weddings, parties, and emergency power outages.
There are a few important pointers you should research before you embark into the event power sector.
Does the emergency on call engineer answer the phone out of hours…..try calling it ?
Have you disclosed the amount of sockets needed by all the electrical appliances at the event ?
Has the caterer disclosed their power requirements and listed their appliances ?
Are all the electrical appliances carry an up to date PAT electrical test ?
Are you operating RCD, MCB or RCBO safety devices and how will they mitigate risk ?
Does your generator have ELR fitted and if so will the settings conflict with downline distro ?
Have you sketched a plan of the event highlighting the location of required sockets ?
Have you discussed running hours, peak loading and fuel capacities.
Have you a contingency plan with the generator provider should the unthinkable happen ?
Before you embark on hiring a generator you need to take into account the above. There are plenty of generator hire companies that will oversize a generator rather than spend time calculating your requirement.
For example you wouldn’t expect to hire a 52 seat bus to take a family of 5 on a holiday tour and have to pay more for the bus oversize and a 3 – 4 times the fuel bill.
The moral of the story is that if you want to DIY a generator hire yourself take note of the above.
If you ring around for quotes and take the cheapest price, it may well end up being the most expensive in terms of not fit for purpose. Don’t forget within the cost of your generator hire is a degree of advice and support.
Before you hire your event generator get their out of hours telephone number and give it a ring one Friday or Saturday night just before you go to bed. That will help you narrow down the options.
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