Why is there a shortage of LPG gas bottles ?

Calor Gas Prices Delivered Bordon Area

There are two main suppliers of LPG gas that have cornered the market with take overs and buy-outs of smaller LPG gas distributors in recent years which has reduced the number of suppliers. The Coronavirus Covid-19 has created a high demand for more home use of BBQ, Pizza oven, and patio heater appliances. The gas canister or gas bottle life-cycle is such that each BBQ, pizza oven or patio heater that is purchased outright, limits the free market availability of the gas bottle required to operate those purchased appliances.

The shelves of most appliance suppliers were stripped bare some months ago of BBQs, Pizza ovens and Patio heaters along with the stock of gas bottles required to operate them. Those newly purchased gas bottles won't to go back into circulation until they are emptied through use, and even then, those bottles will be exchanged for refills and kept. The national shortage of gas bottles and canisters is understandable due to the demands throughout Covid-19. Time will tell how long new bottles and canisters will take to hit the market

When available, the typical costs of patio gas from the main gas distributors are as follows:-

CALL 13kg Patio gas bottle - currently out of stock
CALL Depreciating Deposit
CALL Delivery

CALL Total per bottle to add to your appliance costs, unless you are renting a BBQ, Pizza Oven or Patio heater from one of our hire centres.

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