Why is my Fridge not Working down to Temperature

As we experience another hot summer our kitchen ambient temperature rises higher than the outside temperature especially in the commercial kitchen environment. In this blog I'll explain what goes wrong with a fridge and why.

Do you know what Refrigerator Climate Class is ?

Commercial refrigerators are designed to work under climate conditions which are rated by climate classes. That Climate Class dictates the minimum and maximum temperature limits, within which the refrigerators are able to operate efficiently.

Different definitions of climate classes are based on different standards. There are 3 common climate conditions.

If you buy a cheap fridge 'Made in China" or "Made in PRC" the chances are the Climate Class is limited to 32 degrees ambient which is fine for most of the year. Suddenly there is a heat wave and all the Chinese fridges are breaking down. Additionally a lot of quality fridges like Foster and Williams also break down, here is why.

Over the course of time airborne grease and dust clogs up the condenser grills, the heat taken out from the inside of the fridge can't disperse and hey presto, the temperature rises in the cabinet.

In both scenarios putting an extra fan inside the room by the grille will help as a temporary measure. Hopefully the fridge compressor hasn’t been damaged by the time you have had a chance to cool the system down.

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