Used Catering Equipment Clearance

We have a large inventory of used catering equipment for sale from Government or Educational facilities as a result of a kitchen refurbishments. Much of the equipment has been under a Service Agreement since new. If you are looking to buy expensive catering equipment at a fraction on the new price, you have come to the right place.

When you buy a brand new capital asset, as soon as you use it the value drops significantly. Buying used catering equipment that has already been written down in value can save significant amounts of your cash.

The market has been flooded with cheap Chinese copies of British made catering equipment such as Williams, Foster, Lincat, Parry etc. Those cheap imports can be half the price, but often don't last the guarantee period. Continual calls to get your cheap equipment repaired often ends in the equipment being scrapped when engineers fail to carry out lasting repairs. Any Chinese imported catering equipment that we find in a kitchen clearance we send straight to the scrap yard.

We manage assets for several national catering brands, either finding second users in the UK or abroad by recycling their used or updated catering equipment.

Give us a call to see if we have the equipment that you are looking for.

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Three Counties Engineer

Second Hand Catering Equipment